PlayPad and Avaxtars Collaboration: Avaxtars Exclusive AirDrop Coming!

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2 min readSep 8, 2021


Avaxtars, a browser-based game project on the Avalanche Blockchain network, has announced a special collaboration with

PlayPad, which aims to be a Multi-Chain Next Generation IDO Platform for VR, Gaming, and Play2Earn (P2E) projects on the Metaverse.

The multi-chain compatible PlayPad is nearing completion and will be available on Avalanche and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). In this framework, a special collaboration with a selected game project on the Avalanche and BSC networks will be established, and a special AirDrop will be performed for the users in these projects.

PlayPad announced a collaboration with Avaxtars as an exclusive project to collaborate on the Avalanche network.

Avaxtars Project Lead Ahmet Usta stated, “We believe in the success of innovative blockchain projects built on realistic business models. Avaxtars was created in this context to provide its users with not only unique NFTs, but also a gaming environment. We place a high value on collaborations. With PlayPad, we are taking the first step, and we will continue to delight the Avaxtars community with new announcements in the coming days.”

PlayPad Developers, said,” We are happy to collaborate with the Avaxtar project, which is developing on Avalanche. As a building, we will host Play2Earn Projects. Avaxtar is a big project built on Avalanche. Our partnership with Avaxtar will expand further in the coming days. “

Details on the PlayPad AirDrop, which will be available only to Avaxtars users on Avalanche, will be released in the coming weeks.

About PlayPad

PlayPad is a Multi-Chain launchpad for specific projects, regardless of the blockchain used. While current platforms focus on specific chains, PlayPad can host all projects through Ethereum EVM support, regardless of their chain.

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