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IQ Zone
2 min readJul 5, 2022

As the PlayPad team, we would like to thank all our investors who believed, trusted, and staked PPAD since the beginning of our project. Together with you, we left behind many difficulties even in bad market conditions. Now is the time to reward your dedication!

As you know, we launched our IQ Zone Incubator & Accelerator service a while ago. With IQ Zone, we provide fundamental, development, marketing, and design services to early-stage projects. With this service, we prepare projects for the blockchain world and the crypto market. We even become investors in those we find very successful.

In this process, we organize many airdrops, competitions, etc., with projects, especially in marketing. Along with these events, we decided to allocate a share for you, our investors who stake PPAD, in the project tokens earmarked for marketing.


We will distribute these tokens free of charge to PP Ticket owners according to their weight in the general ticket pool.

So, you don’t have any PP Tickets? Hurry up!

Stake min. 10K PPADs. You can earn 1–5 PP Tickets according to your lock period. This is all you need to do to earn free tokens from new projects participating in the IQ Zone.

For detailed information about the PP Ticket System, please click here.

We will announce free token distributions of new projects on our social media accounts. Don’t forget to follow us!

PlayPad Team



IQ Zone

The Multi-Chain Launchpad & Incubator (formerly PlayPad)