End of Vesting Period for Private and Public Sales

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3 min readJun 9, 2022
PlayPad First Announcement

How quickly time flies! It’s been nine months since our first announcement. We want to thank you, our valued followers, investors, and our community, who have been with us since we started this journey.

June 10, 2022, is the last unlocking day of private and public sales for the PPAD token, which is listed on November 10, 2021.

Twitter Post from Listing Day

Reaching 10x price in just 40 minutes on the listing date, PPAD got 29x ATH. price ten days later. On December 10, 2021, the second unlock time; the PPAD price was still at 6x. All of our investors participating in Private and Public sales have made a profit from their PPAD investments.

Then, with the effect of the bearish market, there was a severe decrease of the PPAD price, as in the whole market. We are sorry to all our investors who were affected by this decline by buying high prices from the exchanges during this process.

Thank you to everyone who believes, trusts on PlayPad, and holds PPADs. We look forward to returning to you as soon as possible with significant launches which we have been working on. We have a solid launch pipeline and we can proudly say that the PlayPad Team is growing. The whole team is on our duty. We are working to provide you with safe, profitable services and great investment opportunities. Now, most of the projects are working on their preparations for launching in an environment of trust that will emerge with the market’s recovery.

IQ Zone Incubator & Accelerator

Besides the PlayPad launch platform, we are now working as an incubator and accelerator under the IQ Zone brand. We provide support and service in fundamental, development, marketing, and design issues to early-stage projects preparing to participate in the crypto markets. At the same time, these great projects will be a potential launch project for PlayPad in the future.

IQ Zone WebSite

You will soon see our incubation projects on our website, the preparations for which have been completed under the title of Incubation. You can find all the information and links about projects in this area.

3rd Burning Announcement

With this amazing announcement, we have decided to burn another 3,000,000 PPADs in the tokens reserved for the Team. The burning process will be done at the last vesting time tomorrow and the proof will be announced on our social media accounts.

We will then continue to burn 1,000,000 PPAD tokens from Team Wallet on the same day every month to reduce the token supply.

Best regards…

PlayPad Team



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