A Deep Look at PlayPad 👀

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4 min readMar 2, 2023
A Deep Look at PlayPad

Dear PlayPad Family,

You have witnessed all the developments of our platform until today. You have always been supportive in good times and challenging times. Now, we would like to share another significant milestone with you.

Since we added the PlayPad platform to IQ Zone in the first quarter of 2021, we have always dedicated our energy and resources to developing and protecting you. After hand-over the platform, we first focused on administrative problems. Next, we adjusted the organizational structure and made the team public. The IQ Zone team has always been proud also to serve the PlayPad product.

We have always embraced the launches of the previous company and its team. Because we had a family as well as a platform. We brought you together with the first Altava launch. With this very successful launch, you, our investors, earned well. Then we ran into a severe problem with the BiCycleFi project. We have publicly disclosed this issue in the platform’s smart contracts professionally and transparently. We have covered the losses of all investors who suffered losses.

Yes! We have entered a period of complete renovation after this last issue. Because of the infrastructure used, smart contracts and cyber security settings all had to be reviewed. In the second half of 2022, we worked to renew the platform entirely.

While renewing smart contracts one by one, we also stopped old staking and farming contracts. We announced on our Medium on July 22, 2022, that we are burning all unusable staked PPADs and farmed LPs. The fact that we have dealt with this problem in the past in this way has saddened us as well as you.

What’s Happening on PlayPad Now?

What’s Happening on PlayPad Now?

Since June 2022, we have not only improved the current situation. We also analyzed the initial launch problems the markets experienced and devised solutions. In this context, we thought about how we can best protect investors. We experimented with various algorithms. We examined the scenarios one by one and tried to determine the best.

We have made PlayPad suitable for its investors and fans. We are almost at the end of this work, which lasted about three quarters. We also thank the Gotbit Development Team for supporting this process.

This new system has been developed to decentralize sales on the launch platform completely. Preparations were completed with a completely new whitepaper and tokenomics structure with the motto of Secure & Insure, and internal tests were started.

We have also integrated the Arbitrum network into the platform, which does justice to the Multi-Chain launch platform concept. Our developer team continues to work for Aptos and Sui networks.

New Launch System

300-person Closed Alpha Test will be conducted in early Q2. After this closed test with generous rewards to the testers, the platform will open for public testing. After examining the results of the tests, the new system will be deployed to the mainnet. Until the mainnet, we will continue to serve you with our renewed infrastructure and smart contracts on our current site.

Shortly, we will focus on projects such as AI in the Aptos, Sui, and Arbitrum networks that will come out with high hype but low market value and bring our investors profit.

With the launch of the deployment to Mainnet, we will start using our IQ Zone leading brand on all our social media accounts. After that, PlayPad by IQ Zone platform will complete its revolution and become IQlaunch. Afterward, we will continue with our leading brand IQ Zone.

New Launch Brand

What is Next?

What is Next?

We are preparing a series of articles on the new launch system. First, the documents, token structure and targets, and NFT integrations of this new system, which we will explain in detail, will be discussed individually.

We will tell you how to guarantee security and investments with live presentations. We are sure you will love this system, which we have knitted as an evolution in the launch world. This system, which can not even pass by fraudulent projects, will make you feel safe.

Along with all these developments, we have decided to send all your PPADs and LPs to your wallets, which we mentioned at the beginning of our article that we had to burn in our old stake and farm pools that we took over as unusable. So approximately 4.5M PPADs will be airdropped with lists to be published for each pool.

After deducting the reward PPADs in the pools, the lists of all wallets staking and farming will be published. Lists for the old three stakes and three farm pools will be published individually. The LPs in the farm pool will be sent by calculating the value of PPAD on the day of distribution. All submissions will be made by the end of March 31, 2023, at the latest.

We will be happy if you re-stake your airdropped PPADs in our active stake pool. Thank you in advance for supporting our platform, which we continue to thrive under market conditions.

Stay tuned!

PlayPad by IQ Zone Team 🎉



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