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First Launchpad Platform on MetaVerse

Focusing on the launches of MetaVerse game projects, PlayPad is the first launchpad platform in the blockchain ecosystem. It also made a difference by rearranging the launch rules with the PP Ticket Allocation system, giving all investors the chance to participate…

PlayPad completed private and public sales rounds at the beginning of November 2021 and was listed on PancakeSwap on November 10, 2021. What has happened with Playpad, which has completed its first three months of activities, and what awaits us in the future? We have compiled it for our community.

Listed at $0.055, PlayPad made an ATH of $1.62 on November 20, 2021. Due to market conditions and the lack of interest in new projects, its price decreased, and it continues its activities without being demotivated.

Now let’s see what happens in the first quarter of 2022;

Ventures Partnerships

PlayPad has 20+ Venture Partners right now. We signed agreements with each one to reach early projects in which our partners invested from seed or private rounds.

Strategic Partnerships

parallelchain polygon studios chainport
Strategic Partners

PlayPad created meaningful partnerships with those who can change the blockchain ecosystem in the future. We are ready for all revolutions for our business. We hope we can serve all possibilities to our community.

Launchpad Partnerships

celolaunch infinitypad kommunitas
Launchpad Partners

We have a big family with these platforms. We are, of course, competitors in ethical terms. But we are working together for the growth of the ecosystem.

Digital Assets Partnership

skynet trading market maker
Digital Asset Partner

They are the best Market Maker in the crypto world. We are safe with them. Please visit our partner from the link below.

Skynet Trading LTD

Affiliate Program

affiliate membership KOL program
Affiliate Membership Program

With the Affiliate Program that we announced in the first month of this year, many people became a part of the PlayPad Team. As of now, 70+ Affiliate Members are working with us. Together we do fundamental analysis, research projects, and of course, we win. We want to thank all our Affiliate Members who work as employees of the Marketing Team and share their time with us.

We would be delighted if influencers with 10k+ followers would like to be part of our team and work with us.

Affiliate Submit Form

Listing Announcements

coinmarketcap CMC coingecko gecko pancakeswap gate.io hotbit
Listing DEX/CEX

We started our adventure with CMC and Gecko. Then PPAD is listed on PancakeSwap. Thanks to our community for all their likes and support. Also, we are so proud PPAD is listed on Gate.io and Hotbit Exchanges. Please visit the links below to see PPAD on these platforms.

CoinMarketCap / CoinGecko / PancakeSwap / Gate.io / Hotbit

Legal Partnership

globalb law firm
Legal Partner

We trust them! Thanks to GlobalB for supporting us on all legal conditions. Please visit our partner from the link below.

GlobalB Law Firm

Audit Process

audit peckshield report
Audit Partner

The way to believe is to trust first. Thanks to the PeckShield team for making the PlayPad reliable. A unique institution that controls us independently and helps us improve in all circumstances. Please visit the link below to access our audit report.

Audit Report of PlayPad

KYC / KYB / AML Process

kyc kyb aml blockpass
Identity Partner

PlayPad, which has followed all legal regulations from the very beginning, works with BlockPass for KYC, KYB, and AML services in this context. First of all, creating a secure platform for our community is our top priority. Only members with approved information can participate in our launches. All Affiliate Members and Partners must have completed KYC or KYB processes. We will always continue to be the safest IGO launchpad on MetaVerse.

BlockPass Web Site

PPAD Token Burning

PPAD burn token mechanism
Burn to MetaVerse!

We stated that we would burn our tokens after listing as a team. We burn 1% of our remaining tokens for each IGO. Also, we burn the penalty pool from stake and farm for each period. By the end of 2021, 1.13M PPADs were burned.

We will burn approximately 1M+ more PPADs for the end of Q1 2022.

For detailed information about the burn mechanism, please visit the link below.

Burn to Metaverse!

30.11.2021 — Team Tokens — 1M PPAD — Link

28.12.2021 — Penalty Pool — 136K PPAD — Link

28.12.2021 — Penalty Pool — 213 LP — Link

PPAD Token Airdrop

PPAD token airdrop mechanism
PPAD Airdrops

We are delighted to share our joy, success, and PPADs with our whole community at our events. To date, we have distributed 200K+ PPADs to thousands of wallets.

PlayPad IGO Projects

mecha altava toyo nomad 5ire
Last Project Launches

As PlayPad, we have always aimed to bring our community together with the best projects. We have realized more than 10 IGOs. For this, we have done very well with both our Ventures partners and our Affiliate members. We try to launch only the best projects by improving our analysis and security conditions.

Although the projects in our launches were valuable and unique, we did not encounter serious hype due to the current market conditions.

Our priority has always been to protect our community in all projects with IGO contracts. We made refunds when we saw the slightest negativity in the projects we followed from the moment we agreed until after the listing. We provide refunds by informing quickly about any mishap.

Even though we could not complete our sales due to investors’ anxiety about launching large projects, this situation has never stopped us.

“We continue our work as a whole team to bring together much better new crypto projects with you. As always!”

And, of course, stay tuned for new upcoming IGO projects. We will always continue to research low investment high-return projects.

What is new?

We have many surprises in the second quarter of 2022. First, we’ll start by telling the story of the PlayPad. Keep watching our social media channels to learn about this exciting process.

Let’s see what awaits us;

New Web UI

playpad new web site UI
A sample from the new UI

This quarter, we would like to introduce the new user interface of our website. We examined our competitors, listened to the community, evaluated their ideas. We combined all of these and set to work to design the best. This site includes many changes, innovations, and solutions; we created a platform that continues to work at full speed.

Advantages of PlayPad’s new web UI;

  • Investors will know in advance how much allocation they will receive from which sale and will be able to calculate.
  • New Allocation distribution calculation will make it easier for new investors to join the ecosystem.
  • Investors will have access to the play2allocation model.
  • Investors will have access to all PlayPad’s sales statistics.
  • Investors will be able to follow all their transactions on PlayPad.
  • They will be able to use the platform more functionally with a more accessible and understandable interface
  • Investors will have access to technical articles published by the PlayPad Research Team about launching the projects.
  • As the new PlayPad will support all other EVM-supported blockchains, investors will have early access to all projects regardless of all blockchains.
  • Users who support PlayPad’s work and want to support it further will be able to join PlayPad’s Affiliate program.
  • Investors will be able to see in detail how much allocation they have obtained from which Staking, Farming, and Gaming functions they have done.


playpad gaming play allocation play2allo
Play2Allo Gaming Area

We aim to bring the ten most popular retro games into gaming. We wanted to remember these games that shape today’s game world in these times when Metaverse is trending. Have fun and win while playing these unique games. Earn PPoint by playing these games targeting Play2Allocation. Every month we will distribute PP Tickets to the top 10 players on the overall LeaderBoard. With these PP Tickets, everyone can join IGOs and get allocations from projects. Remember that 1 PP Ticket is worth 10,000 PPAD!

playpad gaming padman
Coming Soon!

What do you think our first game will be like?

About Team

playpad amazing perfect team
PlayPad Team

We would like to introduce our Team Members;

  • CEO — Play Red
  • CFO — Play Beige
  • COO — Play Gold
  • CTO — Play Green
  • BlockChain Developer — Play Violet
  • Frontend Developer — Play Yellow
  • Backend Developer — Play Maroon
  • Head of Fundamental — Play White
  • Content Designer — Play Brown
  • Community Admin — Play Cyan
  • Community Admin — Play Orange
  • Community Admin — Play Grey

Many of our teammates joined us last quarter. Our team continues to grow. This team, which is happy to work for the community, consists of the best people in their area. Those who joined us in 2022;

  • CMO — Play Black
  • Deputy CMO — Play Navy
  • SMM — Play Pink
  • Content Writer — Play Coral
  • Fundamental Analyst — Play Purple
  • Fundamental Analyst — Play Silver

Marketing Plan

marketing strategy planning
Marketing RoadMap

We achieved 90% of our targets in the first quarter in marketing. We had a very productive quarter with our new teammates joining us. A challenging period awaits us in every sense in the second quarter. Our competitors are strong. But that can never intimidate us. Our targets for this period are;

  • Ranked among the top 10 launchpad platforms
  • Partnership with 50+ Ventures
  • Reaching 100+ Affiliate Members
  • Making a minimum of 4 IGOs per month
  • Growing our community
  • Increasing our followers

CEX Listing Process

Top 10 Exchange on CMC

After Gate.io and Hotbit, we continue to discuss other CEX Listings. However, we know that the main factor that will bring us success is not the CEX listing but high quality and successful project launches. For this reason, after the proper launches, PlayPad will gain even more value, and CEX listings will be completed successfully. Just patience!

Incubation Center

PlayPad Incubation Center Fundamental Development Marketing Design
PlayPad Incubation Center

We are proud to announce the PlayPad Incubation Center.

After a preliminary assessment, the Incubation Center was established to provide funding and support to projects in fundamentals, development, marketing, and design. The Incubation Center, which will serve in the following four sections, is open to all blockchain game and application developers.

“Remember, it is a privilege to start at the blockchain ecosystem from the PlayPad Incubation Center.”

PP Fundamental

Together, we prepare everything necessary for the developers’ projects. The building blocks of the project, such as token metrics, token economy, vestings, inflation optimization, the roadmap will be created by a professional team.

PP Development

The developers' projects' blockchain integration studies are carried out within the dev team. Token generation, smart contracts, staking, farm, claim activities will be carried out thoroughly.

PP Marketing

The Marketing Team deals with all the activities of the candidate project in the incubation. They work on all investor tours, launchpad platforms, KOLs negotiations, advertising activities, social media management, community management, etc.

PP Design

Design and presentation are essential to a project. Our Design Team can provide all kinds of services from mini-projects to large projects with different packages. Many documents such as corporate identity studies, announcement images, videos, presentation files, whitepaper, and litepaper are prepared uniquely for each project.

In summary;

PlayPad has tried to do and present its best in this adventure that started on only November 10, 2021. We hope that we have succeeded in being an excellent launchpad platform for our community.

We will always continue to be at work for all. On behalf of our community that supports us, we continue to work without being affected by any negativity or bad comments, and we will.

PlayPad Team



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